The Monster of Perfectionism clutches us and tries to keep us from escaping.  Below is a list of escape tactics with links to articles giving more details.  The number one tactic is receiving God’s help.  I hope you find freedom from the clutches of the Monster.  Noah Woodrich 3/29/19

1.  Being Still                  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-3

2.  Praying and Waiting   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-a

3.  Crying Out To God      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-i

4.  Holding Loosely            http://wp.me/p1Z40K-l

5.  Perfectionism                http://wp.me/p1Z40K-t

6.  Gospel Is Really True    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-x

7.  Lion Of Judah                http://wp.me/p1Z40K-H

8.  Lion Of Judah (part 2): These Things Are Not A Distraction  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-J

9.  Being Vulnerable With God  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-S

10. Faith              http://wp.me/p1Z40K-10

11. Chocolate Analogy  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-14

12. Process           http://wp.me/p1Z40K-1f

13. Owning           http://wp.me/p1Z40K-1m

14. Letting Go      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-1E

15. Resistance      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-1S

16. Submitting Wounds of the Heart and Mind  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2h

17. Shame             http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2i

18. Self Hatred     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2k

19. Safe People     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2s

20. Redeemed      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2w

21. Obedience       http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2H

22. Rules                http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2K

23. Performance Trap  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2O

24. Pride                  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-2Q

25. Self-Idealism    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-30

26. Identity             http://wp.me/p1Z40K-33

27. Crash                  http://wp.me/s1Z40K-27crash

28. Anger Towards God  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-3k

29. Fear                    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-3n

30. Control               http://wp.me/p1Z40K-3W

31. Trust                   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-41

32. Spending Time with God  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-47

33. Relationship        http://wp.me/p1Z40K-49

34. Codependency     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-4S

35. Boundaries           http://wp.me/p1Z40K-3g

36. Barriers                 http://wp.me/p1Z40K-52

37. The Monster          http://wp.me/p1Z40K-4X

38. An Alternative       http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5b

39. Inviting God           http://wp.me/p1Z40K-57

40. How Did We Get Here  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5h

41. Rear View Mirror   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5n

42. Lawlessness            http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5g

43. God’s Work              http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5u

44. Strive to Enter        http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5x

45. Frozen Emotions     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5F

46. Plate Analogy           http://wp.me/p1Z40K-60

47. Metaphor                  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-5D

48. Belief                          http://wp.me/p1Z40K-63

49. Self Acceptance         http://wp.me/p1Z40K-65

50. Peace                           http://wp.me/p1Z40K-6g

51. Hearing the Shepherd   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-69

52. Walking with the Shepherd   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-6j

53. Glory!                           http://wp.me/p1Z40K-6v

54. The Blood                     http://wp.me/s1Z40K-398

55. First the Kingdom       http://wp.me/p1Z40K-6J

56. The Narrow Path         http://wp.me/p1Z40K-6P

57. Brokenness                    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-6X

58. Mercy                             http://wp.me/p1Z40K-72

59. Repentance                    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-7b

60. Forgiveness                   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9l

61. Welcomed                      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9p

62. As Is                                http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9t

63. Receiving God’s Love    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9y

64.Thoughts                        http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9E

65. Brain Change               http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9I

66. Caring for our Bodies   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9U

67. Humility I                     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-9Z

68. Humility II                   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-ak

69. Weakness                    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-ay

70. Worship                        http://wp.me/p1Z40K-aG

71. Listening Obedience  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-6y

72. Confession                     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-bG

73. Boasting                         http://wp.me/p1Z40K-bO

74. Responsibility               http://wp.me/p1Z40K-bX

75. Overlooking Offenses  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-aV

76. Pain                                 http://wp.me/p1Z40K-ca

77. Asking for Help            http://wp.me/p1Z40K-cf

78. Receiving Gifts              http://wp.me/p1Z40K-cj

79. Thankfulness                http://wp.me/p1Z40K-eh

80. Receiving Compliments http://wp.me/p1Z40K-em

81. Seeking to Understand   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-eD

82. Advice                         http://wp.me/p1Z40K-eH

83. Yielding an Argument    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-f4

84. Anger                          http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fa

85. Forgiving                      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fg

86. Giving                          http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fx

87. Serving                       http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fD

88. Contentment                http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fH

89. Waiting                        http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fK

90. Joy                          http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fM

91. Kindness                   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fT

92. Fasting                    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-fX

93. Rest                      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-g0

94. The Right Fear          http://wp.me/p1Z40K-g3

95. Salvation                       http://wp.me/p1Z40K-g7

96. Clothed                    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-ga

97. Humility Summary      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-gd

98. Not an Option            http://wp.me/p1Z40K-gg

99. Prayer                  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-gj

100. Receiving Prayer       http://wp.me/p1Z40K-go

101. Magic Bullet Prayer    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-gs

102. Humility Not Shame     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-i8

103. Asking                      http://wp.me/p1Z40K-id

104. Relinquishing              http://wp.me/p1Z40K-il

105. Persevering Prayer        http://wp.me/p1Z40K-ip

106. God’s Will                   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-l8

107. God Will                     http://wp.me/p1Z40K-lj

108. Authority                   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-lp

109. Isaiah 40                   http://wp.me/p1Z40K-lu

110. Other                        http://wp.me/p1Z40K-lF

111. Immutable                http://wp.me/p1Z40K-lQ

112. Faithful                  http://wp.me/p1Z40K-lT

113. Bin ‘N Little             http://wp.me/p1Z40K-mh

114. Giving                    http://wp.me/p1Z40K-mE

115. Loving                   https://wp.me/p1Z40K-n2

116. Refuge                https://livingwithperfectionism.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/116-refuge

Below are some other sites you might find helpful.

If you are wondering about seeing a counselor, this You Tube may help you:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2qHiookux0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

YouTube video on a Christian perspective about perfectionism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=u0c-yVY-bYk

Hearing God/Prophecy and Insight   http://wantinsight.blogspot.com/

Another wordpress blog which talks about competition and other things:  http://lrggbg.wordpress.com/

I highly recommend the sermon, “the cure for a troubled mind”:  http://www.vineyardop.org/resources/multimedia/details?id=185630

Don’t know about the validity of this, but hadn’t thought much about where Jesus’ blood physically went when He was on the cross–interesting concept:

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