80 Receiving Compliments

Secret number 12 to finding humility is receiving compliments.  We learned not to boast.  Refraining from praising self, nurtures humility.  Receiving compliments also requires humility.

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips.  Proverbs 27:2

We know that arrogance is wrong.  The Bible says a lot about it.  We do not want to appear arrogant.  So we push away compliments.  We confuse eschewing compliments with humility.

When we receive compliments, we humbly admit that we want them.  We need to build one another up in faith.  Others’ regard helps us know that we are doing well and others appreciate our contributions.  Compliments connect us with each other.  None of us can live life alone.  Solitary living increases perfectionism.  We need feedback.

We resist compliments because of shame.  Shame says that we do not deserve compliments.  Also, someone who compliments us today may insult us tomorrow.  We need to press through this shame and the fear that accompanies it.  Receiving compliments gives us the opportunity to let go of our shame, to let go of the fear.  We humble ourselves as we let go and acknowledge our need for connection with others by receiving their accolades.

People see things about us, which we cannot see in ourselves.  Hearing what they have to say gives us a new perspective.  We may not even realize what we say or do may be noticed let alone appreciated.  Praise from others gives us that awareness.

Receiving compliments also opens us to influence from others.  We might push away praise because we do not want to be vulnerable.  God can employ others to speak into our lives.  When we open ourselves to others, we open ourselves to God.  Because we need godly influences in our lives, we need to be with other believers.  To the point, God can utilize even non-believers to speak truth into our lives.

We apply discernment to the compliments we receive.  We may fear others will control us with praise.  After all, we know people who have used compliments to attempt to get us to do something we were not willing to do.  Yet, letting fear control us cuts us off from life with God.  This need not be.  When others try to use us, we need to put our trust in God.  He will deliver us and show us the way.

You may have no trouble receiving compliments.  You want to hear some.  Give some away and you may find some coming back to you.

Our ultimate approval comes from the Lord.  “My reward is with Me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.” (Revelation 22:12)  Receiving and giving compliments together with others opens a space within our hearts to receive His praise.

Expecting some awesome feedback,

Noah Woodrich

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