Interesting Links

Healing testimony:

Therapeutic prayer model:

If you are wondering about seeing a counselor, this You Tube may help you:

Larry Crabb’s ministry site:

In Christ’s Image Training, Francis Frangipane:

Finding peace and life, referenced in blog 4) Holding Loosely:

Sermon about anger, performance and agreements from the life of Sampson.  Start at minute 43:

Hearing God/Prophecy and Insight

Christian meditations, devotions:

Speakers from the American Association of Christian Counselors at:

YouTube video on a Christian perspective about perfectionism:

This link is a metaphor to how we enter the kingdom; not by our works rather, through the gift from the Father when we relinquish our lives to Him:

Another wordpress blog which talks about competition and other things:

The following website is Christ in the Passover noted in 54 The Blood.  It is 38 minutes long:

I highly recommend the sermon, “the cure for a troubled mind”:

A friend from Minnesota has some beautiful guitar music, check it out:

Article on perfectionism

Article about Brother Lawrence

Pastoral Care Ministries, no longer active, but this site has links to other sites with roots in PCM

Article “Guarding Your Heart”

Messianic Music by Oxana Eliahu

Personal stories of hope and encouragement

Tips on organization

Booklet on organization

Ministry to those struggling to become relationally whole (holy)

A very interesting video:

Don’t know about the validity of this, but hadn’t thought much about where Jesus’ blood physically went when He was on the cross–interesting concept:

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