101 Magic Bullet Prayer

Many times in our lives we hope for “magic bullet” prayers which guarantee God would grant our requests. For example, we cry, “Papa, please help my car to start.” You know I need to get to work on time. You command me to work, and where You guide, You provide, so make it start right now! I claim victory in Jesus’ name!” If we could just say the right words and have deep enough faith He would give us what we want.

Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”   II Corinthians 12:8-9

If God always said, “Yes,” to our magic bullet prayers, we would feel compelled to pray over every difficulty we hear until we found the “magic bullet” that would finally convince God to solve every problem to our satisfaction. The responsibility for the problems of family, friends and even the world would weigh on us. Intense pressure would obligate us to find those just right prayers to achieve our view of “success”.

This sounds like perfectionism.

If we could persuade God to always say “Yes,” then we could manipulate God. To think we have this power over Him involves great pride. Continuing for some time in this thought, we would find ourselves trying to manage the whole world. That job is already taken.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” If we knew that with just the right prayer we could get a “Yes,” we would continually feel guilty for not spending all our time looking for “magic bullet” prayers. We would feel a severe demand to find that “magic bullet.”

God reigns over the universe, and He is not giving His job away. He will decide how to answer our prayers. Thank God for that! We are not in charge, He is. It would be “Heaven” in our view if we could get all our desires fulfilled. Heaven will be here—in God’s timing.

I thank God for the times He has denied my requests. That reminds me that I am not responsible for everything. God is in charge and that for our good.

Many of us have prayed hard and long for our hearts’ desires. We use every prayer we can think to apply to these situations. We claim God’s goodness and His power, and still, “No,” or, “Not yet,” is the answer. We cannot rush God. Any, “No,” except those with a time element, could be a, “Not yet.”

In His word, God says, “I will…” He will cause it to happen. We do not have the power to make God change the world. When we let God be the One in charge, we relieve ourselves of a burden that is not ours to bear. We give responsibility back to God by praying relinquishment. It may sound like this, “Father, I give this issue over to You, trusting in You to work Your will in this situation.”

Learning to accept my limitations in humility,

Noah Woodrich

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