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Hi, there, Noah has just started a new job in the past few weeks and this topic is one that is near and dear to my heart.  I offer my best attempt at writing.

A kindhearted woman gains respect but ruthless men gain only wealth.  A kind man benefits himself, but a cruel man brings trouble on himself.  Prov. 11:16-17

The twenty third secret to humility is Kindness.

For many of us the term kindness has been vilified.  Oh, kindness is just being codependent.  Why care for the clerk when we have many other things to think of and people to consider.  We often figure that there are others who will meet this person’s heart.  We are not their pastor, priest or rabbi.  Or are we?  Does not Peter (I Peter 2:9) remind us that we are all called to be priests?  We have a voice and authority to speak into people in our lives.

Say, for example, we are sitting next to a couple and we hear them talk of the loss of a family member.  It would be inappropriate to acknowledge that we overheard such a sensitive matter.  Or would it?  Is that not the deception the enemy would have us believe?  Perhaps that is the specific reason the great High Priest has placed us there.  All it takes is a polite, “Pardon me, I am sorry that I overheard, but may I pray for you in this hard time?”  Of the many ways this could play out, one being that they gladly accept the prayer, is that they could refuse.  If this happens, you can very politely and delightedly say that you like to hear people say, “No.”  This gives them a new view of God and also of believers.

Humility applies at this point.  When we are kind to people, we risk being rejected.  To be kind, we need to offer our best to others not knowing if they will receive or reject what we have to offer.  Further, we “consider others above ourselves” when we are kind to them.

C.S. Lewis wrote kindness is not the same as being nice.  When we are being kind, we consider the other person’s ultimate good.  They may not appreciate in the moment what we are offering them and we may not receive any earthly reward for what we do for them.  In humility we let go of any expectation of how we will be treated for our kindness.

Actually, we benefit ourselves when we are kind.  As the verse above states, we gain the respect of others.  We may see this as people return our kindnesses with kindness toward us.  Yet, the greatest benefit is how we are changed as we show kindness towards others.  For example, when we bless others when they curse us, we are transformed into the Lord’s image through His renewing power.

Finding His kindness,

Marguex (with some minor input from Noah) Woodrich

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