63 Receiving God’s Love

For years I repeated to myself multiple times, daily, “God loves me.”  I was trying to convince my heart that God loves me.  I wanted to feel loved by Him!

This simply doesn’t work.  My experience shows that telling one’s self over and over again, “God loves me,” does little to help feel His love.  I did this for years!  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results can be called insanity.  Why would I do something over and over again that was ineffective?  I did so because I was desperate.

We are desperate for God’s love.  We need to feel loved by Him.  We need to stop trying to convince ourselves and hear God say, “I love you.”  When I began to hear Him say that He loves me, all kinds of emotions rose up in me.  I felt incredible shame as my heart resisted the word of His love.  My heart also felt incredible joy.  At first, I struggled to hear His voice but hearing becomes easier with time.

How can we hear Him?  We can listen!  Here is an exercise:  God is speaking, “I love you.”  Read God’s message of His love:  Psalms 36:5, 57:3, 69:16, 145:13-17        Isaiah 54:10        Jonah 4:2

Lamentations 3:22, 32                Zephaniah 3:17                Matthew 5:44-45                Luke 6:35-36

John 3:16, 14:21, 23, 15:9-13, 16:27, 17:26        Romans 5:5, 8-10, 8:35, 38-39        I John 4:7-8, 16

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act.  Psalm 37:7

We need to spend time with God, time to listen to Him and seek His face.  This does not happen instantaneously, it takes time.  God does love us.  He is unchanging.  We are the ones who need to change.  Ha, then I do need to change!  Yes, we need to change.  The problem is when we doubt God.  God is absolutely faithful, trustworthy and true to His word.  We are the problem when we doubt His word.

This can be a weighty word to put on those of us who struggle to receive God’s love.  We don’t need the shame, yet we need this truth.  Shame can hold us back from His love.  Again, we do not need more shame.  We do, however, need wake-up calls from time to time.  So—wake up!  God does love us!  We need to listen.  The thought that God is not loving comes from the enemy.  Hold on to truth.  Eschew lies.  Embrace this truth:  “God is love.”

At one time, I thought that God loved everyone except me.  Do you hear the arrogance in that?  What would make me so special that God would single me out not to be loved by Him?  The thought, “He does not love me,” shows a level of shame.  Remember, pride and shame are flip sides of the same coin.  Do you feel like I did, that God has singled you out not to be loved by Him?  Then please let’s let go of our pride and shame and acknowledge that the God of the Universe loves everyone.  Include yourself!

Embracing His love,

Noah Woodrich

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