51 Hearing the Shepherd

Last May, I thought, “These blogs are God’s ideas.”  That same week, a college graduate spoke and said, “It’s all God’s ideas!”  That day at a concert, Benny Prasad said, “It’s God’s idea!”

You do not believe because you are not my sheep. My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:26-27

If we believe in Jesus, we are His sheep and can hear Him. Hearing Jesus is not mystical. Not hearing Him comes from denying His voice. Jesus speaks. We decide to hear Him or not. For a direct way to hear Jesus, open a Bible to the Gospels and start reading. He speaks throughout the Bible; His word. Jesus, our Shepherd, is the Word. (John 1)

Jesus wants us to hear and follow Him every day. He knows about everyone. “I know them” refers to a deeply personal knowing as in a marriage relationship. We respond to Jesus by asking Him into the depth of our being; our hearts. However, our relationship with Him will die if we do not spend time with Him. Jesus wants us to rest in Him, but not to be inactive. We rest as we walk alongside Jesus. (Mt 11:28-30) We can rest from the world and its striving. We can then seek Jesus and His peaceful knowing of the Father’s plans.

“Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this.” (II Timothy 2:7) Today I felt drawn to I and II Timothy and found this verse. It matched what was on my heart. We hear the Lord as we read and reflect on His Word. When a verse in the Bible sparks interest, be still, ask God to speak and wait on Him. This quiet reflection allows our hearts to hear Him. We may experience a rush of emotions, especially if we tend to ignore them. Noticing this will free our hearts to hear from God. Jesus wants to speak to us wholly. We may not want to feel, especially our pain. However, our ignored emotions do not go away. As we feel and give our emotions to the Lord we learn to let go. In His timing He will give insight into our uncertainties.

Keep in mind, Jesus will not contradict His own word. Spend time reading the Bible. Get to know Him through His word. Knowing the Word will aid us in discerning His voice from our own voice, or even from the enemy or the world. The enemy wants to accuse and will do anything he can to confuse and lead us astray. The Shepherd redeems, enlightens and leads us in paths of righteousness. Fellowshipping with other Christians brings us back to the Shepherd. We need to dialog with others who are ahead of us in our struggles. Like sheep, we need to flock together. Pay attention when a metaphor, picture or song speaks to your heart; focus on what the Shepherd may be saying. He will reveal deeper meaning to His word.

Loving His voice,

Noah & Marguex Woodrich

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