41 Rear View Mirror

Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of [perfection].  But one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.  Philippians 3:13

I write this e-letter for those of you who are at an advanced stage in your healing process.  The rear view mirror is an analogy that I am just coming into after 27 years of being on the journey of recovering from perfectionism.  For those of you who are not ready for this yet, put this e-letter on the shelf of your memory banks to pull out again at some future time.

The rear view mirror is our past.  We look at it to remind ourselves of where we have been.  We look through the windshield to see where we are going, what is ahead.  We drive towards what we see out the windshield.  We drive away from what is seen in the rear view mirror.

Some of you are at a stage in your healing where you need to pull your car over to the side of the road, put it in park and stare in the rear view mirror.  You have issues from your past you need to work through.

Those of us who truly are ready (chomping at the bit) to move on in our process, who have already worked through these things, we still remember.  They are still a part of us.  We still feel the sting of those past wounds; not like we used to feel them, but we still can feel the pain if triggered by a memory of the past.  Our past is still a part of us in this life.  “There” is heaven.  We do not get to a point where we stop feeling pain in this life.

However, we put it in perspective by looking in the rear view mirror while glancing ahead and around us.

The rear view mirror allows us to be aware of our past while driving away from it. Eventually, we need to take our focus off of the past and look towards the future.  Paul said, “forgetting”, not forget.  He did not mean to forget, never to remember again.  Rather, he knew that forgetting is an ongoing process.  Today we need to forget, tomorrow we will need to forget and a year from now we will still need to forget.  Ten years from now we will still be in the process of forgetting.  We need to keep forgetting because our brains are designed to remember.

Remembering need not be awful.  For example Jesus wanted us to remember Him (see Luke 22:19).  We need to remember scriptures.  We need to remember why we believe.  We need to remember one another.  We need to remember the poor.  We need to remember to entertain strangers.  We need to sort through what we need to remember and what we need to forget.  If there is something from your past that keeps coming back, you need to put it in the rear view mirror.

Looking forward, straining towards what is ahead,

Noah Woodrich

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