26 Identity

To Him Who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve His God and Father – to Him be glory and power forever and ever! Amen. Revelation 1:5-6  The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people.  Amen.  Revelation 22:21 (the last verse of the Bible)

We need to claim our new identity in Christ.  In our perfectionistic tendencies and self-idealism we act out of the old-self (cf. Romans 6).  The old self’s identity is based on pride and shame.  Having accepted our wounding and sin as a part of our identity we now need to let go of it and find our new identity fully in Christ’s love.

What is this new-self?  According to the three verses above, in this new identity we are: 1) Loved by Jesus; 2) Free from sin; 3) Part of God’s kingdom; 4) Priests in service to God; 5) God’s people.

Let’s focus on the first point because Jesus’ love for us directly challenges our pride and shame.  In Jesus we have no place for pride because He bought us with His blood.  We did not earn our salvation.  Also, in Jesus, we have no place for shame.  We are forgiven and forgive others because we are restored to right relationship with God.  Free of these tyrannies we can experience Jesus’ love.

The hope we have before us in heaven is full reconciliation.  We get glimpses of this when we relate to safe people who are in the process of finding the power in God’s redemptive grace.  Past sins against us actually hold no power to mark or define us because we belong to Jesus.  It is only when we agree with the deception of our enemy that he has any power over us.

We find freedom from pride and shame through the power of the blood.  Spiritual reality holds that if we believe in Jesus and ask Him to cleanse us, He has.  This truth, even though it may not be a daily experience, can still be found in our daily lives through the process of sanctification which is God’s work in us

In summary, our shame-based identity leads to feelings of shame.  Likewise, our pride feeds the pride-based identity.  In letting go of pride and shame, we find an empty hole in our hearts.  To fill this hole, we need a new identity which is love-based and only found in Christ.

Even if you do not feel loved by Jesus, you are dearly loved by Him!  Learn to think in terms of being loved.  This requires faith.  Exercise your faith as you would your body.  Meditate on Jesus’ love for you rather than how amazingly good you are or what a miserable failure you are.  Pride and shame are destined for corruption, but God’s love will abide forever!

Receiving His faithful love,

Noah Woodrich

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